Litter Box Care

Best Practices for Cat Owners

One of the most frustrating problems for cat owners is their cat’s failure to reliably use the litter box.  Proper litter box care and hygiene are your best tool in preventing a problem.

As a general rule, you should have one litter box in the house for each cat, plus one additional box (for example, three cats = four litter boxes.)  You should start with a variety of litter types to see what your cat(s) prefer, and then stick with that litter consistently. The litter box should be scooped 1-2 times every day. If your cat does not find the condition of the litter boxes to be acceptable, they will look for alternative locations to eliminate. The litter box should be cleaned with a low residue cleaner, such as dish soap, when the litter is changed. Avoid using cleaners that leave a strong odor as this may be unacceptable to your cat.

The litter boxes should be kept in a consistent area that is quiet and where your cat can eliminate without being startled by loud noises or high traffic. 

If your cat is eliminating outside of the box, contact our veterinary care team immediately. This can be a signal that they are ill or stressed. Eliminating outside of the box can be destructive to your home and lead to long term behavior problems. The sooner the issues are addressed, the greater our chances of a successful outcome.