Surgical Services

On-Site, Same-Day Services

At McHale Animal Hospital, we are equipped to provide your pet with a wide array of surgical services. Surgeries can be performed on-site by our doctors, or we can have Board Certified Surgeons come to our clinic to perform more complex or specialized surgeries.

Good surgical care starts with proper pain management. We will provide the medications needed both before and after surgery to keep your pet as comfortable as possible. Following surgery, your pet may not exhibit pain in an obvious fashion. However, it is still critical to finish all pain medications as prescribed for them. It will provide them comfort as well as allow them to heal more rapidly following surgery. 

Most surgeries performed are same-day surgeries that do not require overnight hospitalization. In rare instances, it will be recommended that you transfer your pet to the local emergency hospital for overnight care following surgery. 

It is normal to feel some anxiety when your pet has surgery scheduled. Our staff is happy to discuss any concerns that you may have.